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Specialized rehab programs near Denver, CO

We offer many specialized treatment programs at Golden Peak Recovery. Two of the most effective are our family and group therapy programs. Both are led by dedicated, experienced counselors and therapists who specialize in communication, conflict resolution and other life skills that greatly enhance your chances for a successful, long-term recovery.

Family therapy

When you have a substance abuse problem, it can cause conflict among your family members. You may not effectively communicate how you feel, or your loved ones may make assumptions, all of which can lead to strained relationships. With our family therapy program for substance abuse, we help everyone learn how to communicate better and express their emotions and feelings. It benefits the whole family as you become more open and more supportive of each other.

Other benefits of Golden Peak Recovery’s family therapy program include:

Each family has a set of unique issues when it comes to substance abuse recovery. Our family therapists help change harmful habits, reduce family conflict and instill trust in family members.

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Group therapy

Healthy connections are a key part of long-term recovery from substance abuse. You need people you trust to help you deal with stress and frustration. At Golden Peak Recovery, our group therapy program allows you to meet with people who face the same issues as you. These sessions give you a safe space to be honest about your struggles, with people who listen and share their own stories.

Other benefits of our group therapy program include:

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