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Relapse Prevention Planning in Colorado

Sobriety isn’t “set-it-and-forget-it.” It requires active management and participation. That’s why our addiction treatment focuses on relapse prevention.

The prospect of graduating from rehab can be exciting … and a little intimidating. After all, without the structure of the rehab environment, it’s easier to fall victim to the many triggers and temptations that are simply part of life in recovery. At Golden Peak Recovery, we help you prepare for these possibilities, so they never take you by surprise. Throughout all phases of treatment — including residential inpatient treatment, partial hospitalization program and our intensive outpatient program — we give you the tools to anticipate and avoid the situations that can lead to relapse.

What Is substance abuse relapse prevention?

Events and situations can trigger an urge to drink or use drugs again, particularly in the first few months of recovery, when your brain is still adapting to the “new normal” of sobriety. These urges are to be expected, but without a prevention plan, they can trigger a relapse. 

Substance abuse relapse prevention is an ongoing part of our treatment curriculum. That means that, even in your first days of treatment, we’ll be sharing ways you can avoid relapse — no matter how strong the trigger may be. In individual therapy and group therapy, we’ll discuss how to handle these difficult situations, so you’re prepared.

How an aftercare plan helps prevent relapse

Your aftercare plan is a vital part of preventing relapse — both in the first few months after treatment, and as you continue recovery. Golden Peak Recovery offers a robust aftercare support program, featuring regular meetings and outings. You may also wish to be a part of our alumni program. Along the way, you can find support through continued individual therapy and group therapy, as well as 12-step meetings like Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and many more.

The phases of relapse

While relapse can come as a surprise, it isn’t something that just happens out of the blue. In fact, behavioral health experts have identified several phases that contribute to relapse:

Relapse prevention isn’t just about saying “no.” It’s a complete strategy that involves rehearsing potential trigger situations and developing an exit plan. With a substance abuse relapse prevention plan in place, you can navigate triggers and urges with greater confidence.

Golden Peak Recovery helps you succeed in recovery

Once you’re part of Golden Peak Recovery, you never have to go it alone. We’re here to support you in your recovery journey. And we’ll give you the tools to help you achieve sobriety — and maintain it.

Relapse prevention is part of the plan at Golden Peak Recovery. Call us today to learn more.