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Partial hospitalization rehab in Colorado

For some struggling with addiction, a partial hospitalization program can serve as a flexible entry point into treatment. For many others, this program offers a step down from residential inpatient treatment. Wherever you are on your recovery journey, Golden Peak Recovery’s partial hospitalization program offers the highest standard of care to help you achieve lasting sobriety.

The difference between residential and partial hospitalization programs

A residential or inpatient substance abuse treatment program is the most intensive level of drug treatment. It often begins with supervised medical detox, which is the process of removing toxic substances from your body and mind, so that your real treatment can begin. The terms “residential” and “inpatient” refer to the fact that you live at our facility during treatment and have the benefit of round-the-clock support and supervision.

Our partial hospitalization program in Denver offers the next step in care. In the partial hospitalization program (or PHP), you spend about eight hours a day in treatment at the facility, five days per week. Afterward, you return home or to a sober living facility.

The addiction specialists at Golden Peak Recovery understand it can be a challenge to protect the early recovery. After all, the difference between residential treatment and independent living can feel jarring. That’s why the step-down model of care is effective. Residential treatment remains the most immersive, while the partial hospitalization program is less so — and serves as a segue back into “normal” life.

Once you’re doing well at this partial hospitalization level of treatment, you’ll be ready for an intensive outpatient program. In this setting, you’ll take a part-time approach to rehab, spending fewer hours at the facility. This provides a strong transition to the final step of rehab.

Should you enroll in the partial hospitalization program?

Perhaps you’ve graduated from a residential drug rehab and are looking for the next level of care. Or perhaps you’ve struggled on your own to break the cycle of addiction. Our partial hospitalization program in Denver could be the right fit for you. Of course, our compassionate staff will need to meet you and determine the recovery plan that’s best for you. For instance, enrollees in the program need to have a strong support network. If you are living with family members who do not enable substance abuse, for example, and are not in a codependent romantic relationship, Golden Peak Recovery’s partial hospitalization program could be a powerful treatment tool for you.

What you’ll experience in our partial hospitalization program

During your stay in our partial hospitalization program, you will experience a variety of therapeutic interventions. After working with our specialists, they will put together a care protocol that meets your individual needs. Possible treatments include:

You may also experience dual diagnosis treatment during your stay in our partial hospitalization program. This involves a co-occurring mental health condition — such as anxiety, depression, or PTSD — that underlies your addiction, and fuels it. Many people with these underlying conditions rely on drugs or alcohol to self-medicate. However, they develop a chemical dependency in the process, which only worsens the underlying condition and leads to additional problems. The staff at Golden Peak Recovery understand this dynamic and can help to manage it, so you can avoid or even eliminate triggers for substance abuse.

The staff at Golden Peak Recovery’s partial hospitalization program understand that substance abuse is not your fault. They know you didn’t plan on becoming addicted, and don’t want to be. Most importantly, they know how difficult it is to make that first call for help.

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