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Denver, CO addiction intervention planning services

Substance abuse interventions aren’t always easy, but Golden Peak Recovery can offer guidance and support along the way.

What are interventions all about?

At their core, substance abuse interventions are conversations intended to convince someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol that they need treatment — possibly detox, residential rehab, or intensive outpatient treatment. Sometimes, the addicted individual is ready to get help right away. Other times, it can take more convincing. Still other times, the intervention fails and the addicted person refuses help.

While some people choose to stage the intervention on their own, many find it helpful to count on the guidance of professionals like those at Golden Peak Recovery.

What can I expect from substance abuse intervention?

Every addiction is different, so every intervention is different. It’s not uncommon for addicted individuals to deny the degree and severity of their condition. They may be embarrassed, ashamed or angry. They may not realize how much pain they are causing the people that love them. Just remember that you’re on their side — and maintain a compassionate, supportive tone.  

Tips for a substance abuse intervention

Don’t be afraid to reach out to Golden Peak Recovery before you stage the intervention. We’re happy to provide practical suggestions and support that can help your intervention succeed.

We’ve found that many addicted people are reluctant to explore rehab because of “horror stories” about detox. Remind your loved one that these stories are both distorted and outdated. At Golden Peak Recovery, we provide medically assisted detox that makes withdrawal both safe and manageable.

Take care not to make the addicted person feel ambushed or overwhelmed. You may find it more beneficial to speak with them individually, rather than in a group setting. And while it’s certainly appropriate to voice your concerns about their addictive behavior, be sure not to point fingers or assign blame. The goal isn’t to make them feel guilty; it’s to convince them that, with help, a better life awaits.

Golden Peak Recovery is on your side

We understand how difficult it can be to initiate these conversations. And we’re here to help. Simply get in touch with Golden Peak Recovery today, and our professionals will give you the tools to make the most of your intervention. While we can’t promise that your loved one will agree to get help, we can promise to give you support and care along the way.  

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