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Intensive Outpatient Rehab Programs in Colorado

The intensive outpatient program at Golden Peak Recovery allows you to continue your treatment while affording you greater freedom and flexibility. It’s designed to support and accommodate you as you explore your independence in early recovery. 

Our intensive outpatient program may be the best option for you if your treatment requires a high level of intensity, but needs to work around your schedule and responsibilities. In the IOP, you continue with your treatment in much the same way as our residential inpatient clients do — except, rather than participating in activities at the facility, you’ll be holding down a job and spending time with family. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in treatment while maintaining your “real world” obligations.

Am I eligible for the intensive outpatient program?

Typically, an intensive outpatient program takes the structure of inpatient rehab and extends it. That said, the IOP provides comprehensive care to anyone struggling with substance use and abuse.

To be eligible for Golden Peak Recovery’s intensive outpatient program, you’ll need to complete a mandatory medical assessment. After assessing your situation, our team may recommend the IOP as part of your individualized recovery plan. Before therapy begins, many of our clients start by clearing the body of chemical influences through medically assisted detox.

Your treatment goals in an intensive outpatient program

Although our intensive outpatient program doesn’t require that you reside at our facility for addiction treatment, the program does require a significant commitment. Typically, treatment plans have at least three scheduled days each week.

Each IOP session generally lasts between two and four hours, so you can schedule sessions as you and your counselor see fit. Naturally, one of the primary focuses is preventing relapse. However, other goals can round out the type of care you will receive. These goals may include, for instance:

What you can expect

During treatment in our intensive outpatient program, you will receive different types of therapy. Your individualized treatment plan targets the areas of your addiction that benefit from attention. We offer specific treatment options to help you discover the support and strength you need along your recovery journey:

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Environments matter, especially when it comes to leading a healthy and sober life. Intensive outpatient treatment at Golden Peak Recovery gives you the opportunity to focus your recovery in a caring, supportive setting.

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