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Wellness and Holistic Addiction Treatment in Colorado

Recovery is easier when you have balance. Our wellness programs help you achieve serenity in mind, body and spirit.

Golden Peak Recovery gengages a holistic program to help you find balance in early recovery. When you feel serenity and peace, you’re healthier in every sense and are less likely to experience cravings and other symptoms of addiction. With wellness options like yoga, meditation and nutrition, you’ll find the tools you need to thrive in early recovery — and beyond. 

In the mountains

One of the greatest amenities at Golden Peak Recovery is our beautiful natural setting. With close proximity to the Rocky Mountains, it’s easy to experience peace and healing in nature’s majesty. You’ll find hiking trails, parks and other opportunities to enjoy nature. Or simply relax in our backyard and enjoy the sunshine!

Movement for strength and healing

Exercise is an excellent addition to your early recovery, helping to burn extra energy and provide a healthy outlet for stress. In addition to cardio and strength training options, Golden Peak Recovery provides yoga classes. Yoga is especially helpful creating balance between mind, body and spirit. And don’t worry if you’re not a skilled yogi! We can adapt yoga poses to all skill levels, so you’ll find strength, calm and mindfulness no matter your ability. 

Nutrition counts

It’s not surprising: When people are in active addiction, food and nutrition take low priority. Moreover, many substances prevent the body from absorbing nutrients from food. As a result, many individuals with substance use disorder also suffer from malnutrition. Here at Golden Peak Recovery, our on-site chef prepares healthy, nutritious meals and snacks throughout the day to help you grow stronger in every way. We can also accommodate any dietary restrictions and preferences you may have, so just let us know how we can help.

Other holistic recovery tools

In addition to evidence-based addiction therapy, Golden Peak Recovery also provides meditation and mindfulness. While these techniques provide a sense of relaxation, they also help to minimize cravings, limit anxiety and more. These are tools that can help you throughout your recovery, and in all areas of your life.

Golden Peak Recovery incorporates wellness options as a crucial part of your recovery from addiction. We’d love to tell you more. Simply give us a call or click, and we’ll get in touch.