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Family Therapy for Substance Abuse in Colorado

Your family is one of your greatest assets when it comes to recovery. We’ll show you how to work together.

Addiction has a ripple effect. Substance use disorders impact not only the person who uses the alcohol or drugs, but also the people they care about. While friends and colleagues may be affected, few experience the devastation of addiction like family members. The feelings that arise from a family member’s substance abuse are often profound — and may be deeply entrenched in the dynamics of the family itself. 

At Golden Peak Recovery, we believe that while addressing your loved one’s addiction is essential, family therapy offers an opportunity to deal with a wide variety of issues that may be inhibiting the full functioning of the family unit. As you discuss the difficult emotions that surround addiction — such as anger or guilt — family therapy provides tools to use those feelings in a generative, positive way. Family therapy helps to identify behavioral patterns that are no longer serving your best interest, and provides solutions for you to move forward.

It’s important to remember that addictions don’t materialize out of thin air. Whether your family member has a deep-seated trauma, a co-occurring mental health condition, or other situation that may have contributed to their substance use disorder, Golden Peak Recovery is committed to uncovering the roots of that addiction. You’ll also discover ways to heal and rebuild trust as a family. And through therapy, you’ll learn how to support your loved one in recovery — and heal as a family. 

Clinical Director Bruce Santiago explains why family therapy and involvement are important in recovery.

Therapy that heals the whole family

Families can be thought of as systems. And sometimes, the systems don’t work as well as they could. Family therapy gives everyone the opportunity and the responsibility to contribute to the success of the system by communicating with honesty and compassion. It also helps to dismantle patterns that aren’t serving you well, so you can engage in more positive, more fruitful ways. 

Family therapy is hard work — and it’s not something that can be accomplished in one or two sessions. But the rewards are significant. Golden Peak Recovery’s behavioral health specialists are here to help your family rebuild trust, accept responsibility and support one another in ways that will last a lifetime. 

As difficult as your loved one’s addiction may be for your family, it can also represent a turning point. At Hope Canyon, we welcome the opportunity to help your family move forward together — and emerge stronger as a result. Give us a call today. And let’s see how family therapy can make a difference for you and the people you love most.