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Medically Assisted Drug and Alcohol Detox in Colorado

If you’ve been avoiding rehab because of detox “horror stories,” it’s time to rethink your plan. Golden Peak Recovery ensures you’re comfortable and cared for.

For those battling addiction, the first step toward recovery is a detoxification program to cleanse the body of drugs and alcohol. Severe addictions often require a full detox with medically assisted care and residential treatment. Physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms can be intense — even life-threatening — and patients need around-the-clock medical supervision.

Our staff keeps clients as comfortable as possible, treating the symptoms of withdrawal as they arise. In an emergency situation our medical team springs into action, ensuring your safe recovery. Your vitals are continually monitored by our nursing station, so you can rest easy.

Our Safe, Medically Monitored Approach to Detox

Here at Golden Peak Recovery our medically assisted detox program provides 24 hour monitoring. Clients can expect to spend most of their time resting and recuperating while participating in therapy. Clinical professionals are also available 24/7 and are present to support clients through the many emotional upheavals of withdrawal.

Our medically assisted detox program is the first step toward your full rehabilitation treatment. During detox, our addiction specialists help you mentally and physically prepare to continue your individualized rehabilitation program.

Our Team Begins Individualized Treatment During Detox

Before you begin any treatment program, our team conducts an addiction assessment and a psychiatric evaluation. We gain a full understanding of your addiction and recovery needs ­— your drug and alcohol history, mental state, dietary needs, health condition and other important facets of your life. We take each facet into consideration while tailoring your individualized rehabilitation program.

Unlike other treatment centers who wait to begin client therapy at the inpatient treatment level, Golden Peak Recovery begins treating the underlying causes of addiction during the earliest phase of recovery. Our approach is compassionate. We meet clients where they are to get them to where they want to be.

Treatment after drug or alcohol detox

Our medically assisted detox program usually lasts no more than ten days. When complete, you’re ready to move into the next phase of your rehabilitation which may include:

While you’re participating in treatment at Golden Peak Recovery, you’ll have access to a number of evidence-based addiction therapies, such as:

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