Overcome Addiction With an Opioid Addiction Treatment Program

woman holding her head dealing with withdrawal during opioid addiction treatment program in COOpioids are an entire category of drugs that includes everything from heroin to conventional prescription medications like oxycodone. These drugs are highly addictive, so they are currently one of the leading causes of drug addiction in the United States. If you or a loved one is struggling with opioid addiction, then it is vital to seek help at a substance abuse treatment center. Your chances of maintaining sobriety are significantly higher when you take part in an opioid addiction treatment program that can address the mental and physical factors of addiction.

Signs You Need an Opioid Addiction Treatment Program

Opioids are incredibly addictive, so it is possible to develop a dependence on these drugs even after using them just a few times. Your addiction may be so bad that you need treatment if you notice one or more of these symptoms occurring:

  • An inability to control or limit the usage of opioids
  • Loss of interest in hobbies, loved ones, or responsibilities
  • Financial struggles or stealing
  • Intense and uncontrollable opioid cravings
  • Continued use of opioids despite harmful consequences
  • Withdrawal symptoms when you don’t use opioids
  • Flu-like symptoms and weight loss

Opioid Addiction Treatment Programs for Withdrawal Relief

The first step in moving towards sobriety is often dealing with withdrawing from opioids. These highly addictive medications tend to cause unpleasant symptoms like agitation, high blood pressure, fever, aches and pains, and sleep problems within six to 30 hours of not using opioids. Over the next week, people may suffer from vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps, and intense drug cravings. All of these symptoms can make it very challenging to avoid opioid abuse and clear all traces of the drugs from your system.

Golden Peak Recovery can provide the support you need to get over this first hurdle and focus on long-lasting sobriety. Our opioid addiction treatment program in Denver, CO, includes:

  • Regular monitoring of vital signs
  • Medical treatments to reduce nausea and discomfort
  • Mental support and encouragement
  • Non-opioid medications to manage cravings
  • Structured environments to discourage relapses

Opioid Addiction Treatment Program Options

Managing opioid addiction is a multifaceted treatment that can include several different techniques. Our residential opioid addiction treatment program in Denver, CO, also referred to as an inpatient program, is what you probably think of when you consider traditional rehab. This program consists of checking into a facility for a set amount of time. During your time in our center, we will provide you with medical assistance for withdrawal, schedule therapeutic programs to address the mental causes of addiction, and recommend other therapies and activities to keep you busy and give you the tools to fight addiction.

Another option for those who cannot put their life on hold is IOP or intensive outpatient programs. An IOP intensive outpatient program in Denver, CO, is a type of program where you live at home but regularly visit the rehab facility for help. Clients can pick a few days a week when they want to visit the center for programs. This option lets you get therapy, participate in support groups, and have regular medical checkups while still dealing with any obligations or responsibilities you have in daily life.

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At Golden Peak Recovery, we recognize that one of the hardest parts of sobriety can be transitioning back to daily life. Therefore, we offer aftercare planning as one of our forms of opioid treatment. If you choose to work with our aftercare team, then you can get help with finding housing, scheduling therapy, joining support groups, and creating a relapse crisis management plan.

We offer plenty of options for opioid addiction treatment programs in Denver, CO, so that you can find the style of treatment that works for your needs. Whether you are in the Colorado Springs area or one of the surrounding states, our talented staff will be happy to work with you on your journey to overcome addiction. Contact Golden Peak Recovery in Denver at [Direct] to take your first step towards achieving sobriety.