group therapy program meeting in denver coMany of those who struggle with substance abuse or addiction have slowly closed connections and shut out loved ones from their lives. Sometimes, this happens because of negative behavior while under the influence. Other times, the breakdown comes from shame around a hidden addiction. At Golden Peak Recovery, we understand that part of addiction treatment and the recovery process is creating new connections so that you can learn to re-establish old ones. The group therapy program is a part of that process.

Group Therapy Program for Addiction Recovery

Our group therapy treatment program is one piece of a comprehensive recovery plan that includes:

From Solitude to Community in a Group Therapy Program

Healthy connections are a key part of long-term recovery from addictive substances. You need people you trust who help you deal with stress and frustration. Our group therapy program in Denver, CO, gives you the opportunity to meet with people who are challenged with many of the same issues. In a residential setting, group therapy supports you through the difficult detox process.

In our intensive outpatient program in Denver, CO, the group sessions give you a safe space to be honest about your struggles with fellow community members who will listen and share.

Find Support and Share Your Struggles in a Group Therapy Program

People become addicted for many reasons. A prescription for pain medication turns into a full-blown addiction. A drink to calm down from the day turns into a pattern of alcohol abuse. People turn to drugs and alcohol to deal with traumatic events both recent and old. In a group therapy setting, you can tell your story without being judged or shamed. You will reflect on what your substance abuse has cost you in your personal life. In addition, group therapy participants also share the challenges of a life in recovery with others. These are people who can understand because they are living it as well.

A group therapy session is more than a discussion. It is a guided reflection led by a specially trained therapist. Some of the techniques used in our group therapy sessions may include the following:

  • Guided reflection
  • Mindfulness exercises
  • Group planning and sharing activities
  • Challenging questions
  • Physical exercises
  • Evidence-based therapy techniques

Your group leader is there to help. He or she will help you reflect on your experiences in new ways. Our therapists guide their groups, making sure that everyone has an opportunity to share and, most importantly, that everyone feels safe. They may ask questions that are probing or challenging, getting group members to rethink their assumptions. A group session at Golden Peak Recovery is also an opportunity for learning and practicing coping strategies such as deep breathing exercises and mindful reframing.

Help Turn Things Around

Many people with an addiction have turned their back on their past. The group therapy program in Denver, CO, is a training ground for learning to turn around and reconnect. As you make connections with other group participants in both residential treatment and outpatient settings, you are learning the tools to help you take the risk of reconnecting with family and friends. You will learn how to speak honestly about your addiction and take responsibility for past actions. Group members will practice coping skills for difficult interactions. You will also learn how to accept yourself, a necessary step in feeling truly accepted by others.

At Golden Peak Recovery, our goal is to start and keep you on the path of recovery. If you are over 18 and looking for a place to step away from drugs and alcohol, we are ready to help. For residential treatment, our facility is happy to serve residents of Kansas, Nebraska, and Utah as well as Colorado. For outpatient services, we serve clients from Colorado Springs in addition to the greater Denver area.

You do not have to deal with addiction alone in Denver, Colorado. There are many people and resources to help you. Take your first steps toward recovery by contacting Golden Peak Recovery at [Direct].