man gesturing to therapist during cognitive-behavioral therapy session in denver coCognitive-behavioral therapy is helpful for people with any type of substance use disorder. Whether you have been battling a drug problem for years or developed a drinking problem in the last few months, our professionals at Golden Peak Recovery believe that CBT is one of the best methods of addressing the underlying causes of addiction.

Substance abuse itself is tied to many factors. How people think about their addiction plays one of the biggest roles in their recovery processes. CBT is a versatile form of addiction treatment therapies. It helps treat depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and many other co-occurring mental health disorders.

When it comes to substance abuse, CBT helps people change the way their thoughts drive them to use drugs or alcohol. Even without realizing it, most people with an addiction have overwhelmingly negative thoughts about themselves and the world around them. CBT teaches you how to recognize your flawed thinking and how to change it.

CBT therapists believe that people’s negative thoughts lead them to perform self-destructive behaviors. Rooted in guilt over choices, the cycle of addiction continues with one’s inability to stop using. One must overcome the uncontrollable urge to keep using.

About CBT and Co-Occurring Disorders

Most people who enter rehab have a co-occurring mental health disorder, but over half of them do not receive proper psychotherapy. While treatment for substance abuse is fundamental, it is not enough to prevent relapse if someone is still struggling with depression, anxiety or another mental health disorder.

CBT introduces clients to the process of self-discovery. It helps build confidence while teaching people healthy coping skills. When you’re faced with triggers that make you want to use again, CBT skills help you slow down, rethink, and make a better choice for yourself. You may utilize techniques of emotional awareness and breathing exercises. These techniques become vital when facing relapse triggers.

Through CBT, our caring staff helps people overcome their worst thoughts and beliefs about themselves. Has addiction ever made you feel worthless, useless or incapable of changing your life? Undergoing cognitive-behavioral therapy in Denver, CO, can help you realize that’s untrue.

CBT adopts the stance that if you are willing to change your thoughts, then you can change your behavior and your life. When you learn how to step back and analyze your feelings without identifying with them, it becomes easier to see how your thoughts and emotions are influencing your actions.

When you understand the motive behind your actions, changing them becomes much easier. Too often, people try to force themselves to change without truly understanding why they have to in the first place. Through CBT, you can learn how to change the automatic responses that lead to addiction urges.

Benefits of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

CBT teaches people how to interact with their thoughts without engaging in negative thinking. For many people, this seems like nonsense. After all, who are you without your thoughts? Discovering yourself beyond the lies, insecurities, and false beliefs you’ve lived with is one of the most liberating benefits of CBT.

You will also experience a greater sense of control in your life. The self-help skills you learn in our residential addiction treatment in Denver, CO, will stick with you long after you’ve completed your program. Through CBT, people are no longer slaves to their emotions. Instead, you become capable of acting based on your better judgment and not your emotions.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy at Golden Peak Recovery

At our Colorado drug and alcohol treatment program, we believe that learning life skills and having the right resources is what makes the difference between recovery and relapse. Combining addiction treatment with therapies reduces relapse rates.

Addiction makes you lose touch with yourself. What you’ve done is not who you are. By undergoing cognitive-behavioral therapy in Denver, CO, we can help you reclaim your future step-by-step. With inpatient and outpatient CBT rehab along with aftercare planning, Golden Peak Recovery offers help how you need it and when you need it most.

To learn more about what our professionals at Golden Peak Recovery can do for you, contact us today. Call [Direct] for more information on cognitive-behavioral therapy for co-occurring disorders.