man smiles in the trees outside a denver colorado drug and alcohol rehabColorado has long faced problems with drug and alcohol addiction among its residents. But in Colorado, you also find some of the best addiction treatment in the country. Treatment in Colorado has evolved as part of statewide concern for substance abuse problems. Thanks to the progressive ideals shared by most people in the state, you can find lasting recovery at a Denver, Colorado drug and alcohol rehab.

A Premier Denver, Colorado Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Colorado’s storied history of drug and alcohol abuse encouraged lawmakers, law enforcement, and healthcare professionals to crack down on the state’s drug and alcohol problems. Community leaders also sought to provide better support for people struggling with substance abuse. They have been successful to a degree. For instance, today, people charged with drug crimes in the state face a higher likelihood of a referral to treatment than incarceration or probation based on their substance abuse problems.

All of this relates to the treatment you receive in a quality Denver, Colorado drug and alcohol rehab facility. In Colorado, you can receive help from addiction treatment programs that continues beyond rehab and helps you start a better life.

At Golden Peak Recovery Center, the support of your program does not end when you leave your residential rehab setting. Instead, you receive transitional support for recovery through a PHP or IOP program. You also receive aftercare planning that includes a range of helpful services. This often means the difference between a fresh start and a relapse.

The aftercare program benefits of Golden Peak Recovery Center’s Denver Colorado drug and alcohol rehab include:

  • Housing arrangements
  • Assistance obtaining therapy and counseling
  • Locating community support groups
  • Relapse prevention planning
  • Crisis management planning

These programs do not leave you on your own after treatment ends. Instead, you maintain an aftercare connection to your rehab program and receive ongoing support as you launch your new life in recovery.

Colorado Rehab Programs Designed to Meet Your Needs

Whether you live in Colorado or a nearby state does not matter when it comes to your needing individualized treatment. Your road into addiction was your own, just as you need a clear path of your own out of your substance abuse problems. This personalized treatment planning takes place in your Denver, Colorado drug and alcohol rehab at Golden Peak Recovery.

At Golden Peak Recovery, your treatment will include:

Sub-Acute Detox

Before you can address why you started abusing drugs or alcohol, or how to avoid relapse in the future, you must first clear your substances from your body. Golden Peak Recovery provides sub-acute detox to help you comfortably break through your withdrawal symptoms and into your first days of genuine recovery.

Residential Addiction Treatment

Residential rehab helps you focus on your recovery by taking you out of the environment of your substance abuse. Instead of spending your days distracted by stress, triggers, and temptations, you can focus your entire attention on your recovery.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Golden Peak Recovery’s partial hospitalization program helps you transition from residential rehab back into your “normal” life. In the PHP, you will maintain a schedule of therapies and case management sessions five days per week, while also practicing the skills you have learned for coping and building your new life.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

The next step in your treatment will be Golden Peak Recovery’s intensive outpatient treatment. The IOP involves three days a week of therapy and education. Through flexible IOP scheduling, you can create your new life on your own terms. You will also practice what you have learned while continuing to receive support and counseling.

Aftercare Planning

We refer to the final level of care is “aftercare.” Aftercare services at Golden Peak Recovery help you start your new life without many of the most common problems people face after rehab. You will receive support and help with finding housing, community resources, and support groups. Additionally, a case manager will stay connected with you as you start living the future you have wanted.

Reach Out to Golden Peak Recovery’s Denver, CO Rehab

At Golden Peak Recovery Center, we offer a complete spectrum of services for building your new and improved life. Contact Golden Peak Recovery Center online today or call us at [Direct] to learn more about our programs and services. You have it in you to break free from substance abuse and build the life you want in recovery. It is time to take that first step.