woman smiles in a field outside a boulder colorado drug and alcohol rehabYou have taken an important first step. You have decided to get treatment. If you are looking for a Boulder, Colorado drug and alcohol rehab, you may think about people you know who went to rehab three, four, five times or more. And of course, you want a rehab program that helps you succeed in recovery on your first attempt. So what does such a program look like? What must it include?

Real recovery requires highly individualized treatment planning. Without personalized care, you will almost undoubtedly face unique problems after treatment and may not be in a position to handle them. Recovery also requires ongoing support after residential treatment ends. Having access to a continuum of care ensures that you do not feel alone as you forge your new life in recovery.

Together, individualized treatment planning and aftercare planning programs form the foundation of your treatment at Golden Peak Recovery. If you are looking for a Boulder, Colorado drug and alcohol rehab program that understands your specific needs, you should consider reaching out to Golden Peak Recovery, which serves the Boulder area.

Individualized Treatment Programs at Golden Peak Recovery Center

Boulder, Colorado drug and alcohol rehab at Golden Peak Recovery starts with sub-acute detox. In detox, your body works to cleanse itself of the toxins of substance abuse. At the same time, you help your body recover by taking in quality nutrition and rest. Medical professionals provide the necessary supervision and guidance — and in some cases, helpful medications — as you go through withdrawal. In this way, we can ease the worst of these symptoms while helping you feel supported, safe, and comfortable from the beginning of your detox to its end.

As withdrawal ends, your rehabilitation begins in earnest. It is in your Boulder, Colorado drug and alcohol rehab program that you learn about your addiction, relationships, recovery, and your need for a happier, healthier future. All of this learning takes focus and support. For most people, the best means of concentrating on what matters most is through a residential treatment program.

In your Golden Peak Recovery Center residential program, you take yourself out of the environment of your substance abuse. We also recommend residential treatment because it mandates that you remove yourself from the daily triggers, temptations, and stress that drive you to drugs and alcohol. This change of scenery and the psychological security that comes with it allow you to get the most from your Boulder, Colorado drug and alcohol rehab.

It is also important to understand that your recovery will not end after you have completed our residential rehab program. In PHP and IOP at Golden Peak Recovery Center, you practice what you learned in your residential treatment program. At the same time, you start anew in the real world. But you still maintain support and contact with your treatment environment through three to five days of ongoing care each week. And of course, Golden Peak’s PHP and IOP programs are only the next steps. When those are completed, your care will continue in our extensive aftercare program.

The Importance of Aftercare in Your Boulder, Colorado Drug and Alcohol Rehab

One phase of treatment where most programs fail or fall short is aftercare. You need quality aftercare programs and support in order to feel prepared for life after rehab. Simply throwing you into independent living in your home community is enough to make anyone feel overwhelmed. This is why so many people struggle with their early recovery and, tragically, experience relapse.

Golden Peak Recovery provides a more comprehensive aftercare program than most treatment facilities. In your Golden Peak rehab program, you start planning for aftercare from day one of treatment. Asa result, when you reach this last phase of your rehab experience, you do not feel so unprepared to live your new life.

Aftercare at Golden Peak Recovery Center can include:

  • Housing arrangements
  • Support for ongoing counseling and therapy
  • Case management
  • Relapse prevention
  • Crisis management planning
  • Local support group assistance

The Full Spectrum Care at Your Boulder, Colorado Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Real rehab helps you end your substance abuse while also turning your life around. Most programs focus on ending substance abuse. But they leave clients stranded after rehab by not adequately preparing them for what comes next.

Golden Peak Recovery understands the full spectrum of your needs. And we make a point of meeting those needs through a continuum of care and individualized treatment planning. Programs available Golden Peak Recovery include:

  • Sub-acute detox
  • Residential treatment
  • IOP and PHP programs
  • Aftercare
  • Individual, group, and family therapy

All of these are customized to meet your individual needs. And our high staff-to-patient ration ensures that you are given the tools you need for success.

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