Could you benefit from a residential treatment program for drug abuse? When your habit spirals out of control, an intervention is essential for recovery. But what does care look like? If you are interested in learning more about residential treatment programs, you should consider speaking to a professional. And at Golden Peak Recovery, we are waiting to hear from you.

Residential Treatment ProgramWhy Choose a Residential Treatment Program?

If you have a substance use disorder, you will find value in Golden Peak Recovery’s residential treatment program. Because as part of the program you live at the facility, it is an excellent first step towards sobriety. And with a residential treatment program comes a set of distinct advantages. An inpatient treatment center is often the best choice when you have tried to free yourself of drugs and alcohol, but have failed. Some of these advantages are:

  • A residential treatment program offers you more choices in terms of therapy and counseling options than other kinds of programs can.
  • In a residential treatment program, you will be surrounded by other residents who are in a similar circumstance. This allows you to form a strong support network, which can help you achieve your sobriety goals and avoid relapse.
  • A residential treatment program will allow you to escape the triggers and pressures of everyday life. This means that you can focus solely on recovering from addiction.
  • In a residential treatment program, you will find a disciplined, structured approach to recovery. You are unlikely to find that level of structure outside of a residential treatment center.

As the residential treatment program, Golden Peak Recovery Center also offers other options. A case in point is a partial hospitalization program, which could be a good option for some, and so can an intensive outpatient program. But if your addiction is severe enough for you to get serious professional help, you may want to consider the more comprehensive approach that our residential treatment program provides.

Evidence-Based Treatment at the Facility

The addiction specialists at Golden Peak Recovery make a point of customizing a treatment approach that suits your needs. By relying on evidence-based treatments, you will participate in therapies that have shown excellent results. Examples include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral treatment that focuses on correcting dysfunctional connections between actions, thoughts, and feelings
  • Dialectical behavior treatment that empowers you to take control of emotions that previously called the shots
  • Motivational interviewing, which helps you shift your focus to long-term recovery
  • Family and couples’ counseling as a tool for helping you communicate effectively and productively with loved ones
  • Addiction education, which gives you insight into the ways that drugs or alcohol affect every facet of your life

Our residential treatment program also allows for experiential therapy approaches. Examples might include techniques like peer interactions. When we utilize methods like these, they naturally have plenty of therapist assistance. Most importantly, they will help you develop functional social skills such as setting boundaries or working out disagreements in productive ways.

At Golen Peak’s residential treatment program in Denver, CO, our staff also recognizes the need for whole-person healing. An approach along these lines is mindfulness training. Mindfulness supports your mind, body, and spirit. It is a great way to learn how to de-stress at will and has proven results at helping individuals battling addiction. Learning how to examine your feelings and impulses gives you the pause you need to make good decisions. In this way, mindfulness training is an excellent tool for relapse prevention.

Aftercare Rounds Out the Residential Care Experience

Our residential treatment program in Denver, CO, will help you decide what comes after rehab. For many, there’s a need for housing arrangements, and almost all of the people who have graduated from our program choose to attend support groups. Our specialists will assist you in finding housing or a group set-up that provides peer counseling and accountability.

Because you’re in the driver’s seat of the rehab aftercare support we give, we can tailor your aftercare to meet your unique needs. As a result, your aftercare plan will look different from anyone else’s.

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Many choose to step down from our residential treatment program to an outpatient treatment model. It is an ideal in-between step that helps with the transition from full-time care to independent living. Find out more about our residential treatment program and how it could help you heal today. Connect with Golden Peak Recovery Center by dialing 855.814.9173 now.