Overcoming addiction is never easy. There are always many ups and downs on the journey to long-term recovery. But access to a quality addiction treatment program and comprehensive aftercare sets you up for a better shot at lifelong sobriety. Golden Peak Recovery’s rehab aftercare program helps you maintain what you have learned in rehab and provides extra support when you need it most.

Rehab Aftercare ProgramGolden Peak Recovery’s rehab aftercare program in Denver, CO, ensures that you never feel alone in your recovery. Aftercare adds to the support and care you receive in rehab at Golden Peak Recovery. Our primary care includes:

And these are ideally followed by our rehab aftercare program.

How Golden Peak Recovery Prepares You for a New Life

At Golden Peak Recovery, you can achieve freedom from drugs and alcohol in your personalized treatment program. For many clients, this freedom starts with detox, continues through residential rehab, and transitions to a partial hospitalization program (PHP) or intensive outpatient program (IOP).

PHP and IOP programs bridge the gap between the 24-hour support and care of a residential program and full independence of home. And in both the PHP and IOP you will practice what you have learned in treatment. At the same time, in both programs you will continue to maintain and develop accountability, structure, and focus on wellness.

In PHP, you will receive five days of therapy each week. These sessions will help you maintain focus on your self-improvement and overall wellness. You will also learn coping and life skills, such as stress management. Golden Peak Recovery’s IOP rehab involves day or evening therapies three days per week or more. You will maintain a connection to your case manager and continue working toward recovery goals as you reclaim independence.

A Rehab Aftercare Program Continues What Rehab Starts

Leaving rehab is exciting. You feel ready for your new life. But at the same time, you know that you will face struggles, and that can be frightening. Will you handle these stressors in stride, using the coping and life skills you have learned in rehab? Or will you need extra support?

At Golden Peak Recovery, you will never face your new life alone. Your rehab aftercare program will continue to meet your individual needs after the end of your rehab program. And your rehab aftercare program is designed to meet your individual needs. The specific goals include:

  • Maintaining your recovery
  • Finding ways to prevent relapse
  • Achieving a more fulfilling and purpose-filled life
  • Building stable, supportive, and sober relationships

You do not need a rehab aftercare program because you are weak. Weakness has nothing to do with the real changes in your brain chemistry and structure that substance abuse caused. Instead, a rehab aftercare program helps you stay strong in what you learned and begun to practice in rehab. Our rehab aftercare program in Denver, CO, reinforces these lessons and helps you start fresh in your community. Over time, your brain will function more easily without drugs or alcohol, and the craving and temptations will fade. As you gain confidence in your recovery, you will need your rehab aftercare program less and less. And that is our goal.

Our rehab aftercare program will support you in your daily recovery. But another of the main advantages of aftercare is that it connects you to your community in healthier ways.  As a part of your rehab aftercare program in Denver, CO, you will learn where to find community 12-step groups and other local resources. You will also gain a connection to therapists and other services needed from time to time.

Mapping a Brighter Future Through a Continuum of Care

In the rehab world, we refer to the levels of treatment — starting in detox and continuing through rehab and aftercare — as the “continuum of care.” This continuum of care meets your needs as you move through recovery. It also enables long-term connection to the addiction treatment program that helped you stop using drugs or alcohol in the first place.

The rehab aftercare program in Denver, CO, at Golden Peak Recovery is a network of trust and stability. By the time you need this support, you have a well-established relationship with your treatment center. You can be sure that we will act in your best interests as we provide you with essential tools for your future.

Learn more about Golden Peak Recovery’s rehab aftercare program by talking to one of our counselors. After all, real recovery comes through the support and care of professionals who understand your journey. Call Golden Peak Recovery now at 855.814.9173 and start forming this community of support around you. You can have the better life you want.