For many people struggling with addiction, a partial hospitalization program can serve as an entry point into treatment. For many others, it is a step down from residential care. Wherever you are on your journey of recovery, a partial hospitalization program has several advantages and may be right for you.

The Difference Between a Residential and Partial Hospitalization Program

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)A residential treatment program is the most intensive level of drug treatment. It often begins with medical detox, which is the process by which toxins are removed from your body so that your real treatment can begin. Almost everyone with a substance abuse problem benefits from enrolling in this level of care. Residential — or “inpatient” — treatment refers to the fact that you live at the facility. And importantly, you enjoy round-the-clock support and supervision.

In contrast, our partial hospitalization program in Denver, CO, offers the next step in care. This level involves a slightly different approach. In the PHP, you spend about eight hours a day at the facility. You do so five days per week. Afterward, you return home or to a sober living facility.

The addiction specialists at Golden Peak Recovery Center have long understood that protecting early recovery can be challenging. The difference between residential treatment and independent living can be jarring. That is why they devised a step-down model of care. With residential treatment being the most intense, the partial hospitalization program is less so, serving as a transition back into “normal” life.

Once you master this level of living, you are ready for an intensive outpatient program. In this setting, you take a part-time approach to rehab. You might spend three days and flexible hours at the facility. And this is an excellent way of transitioning to the final step of rehab.

Should You Enroll in the Partial Hospitalization Program?

Have you graduated from a residential treatment program and are looking for the next level of care? Or have you tried and failed on your own to rid yourself of drugs and alcohol? You may be an ideal candidate for our partial hospitalization program in Denver, CO. However, it will be impossible to determine this until our staff has had a chance to sit down with you and discuss your options. As a general rule, for instance, enrollees in the program need to have a strong support network. If you are living with family members who do not enable substance abuse, for example, and are not in a codependent romantic relationship, our PHP might be right for you.

Working Through a Psychological Addiction at Rehab

During your stay in our partial hospitalization program, you will experience a variety of therapeutic interventions. After working with our specialists, they will put together a care protocol that meets your individual needs. Possible treatments include:

  • Behavioral therapy that gives you new ways of dealing with stressors and triggers
  • Family counseling as a tool for making changes to the way you and your loved ones interact
  • Process group participation, which encourages you to heal through input from your peers
  • One-on-one therapy that lets you set goals for recovery and relapse prevention
  • Relapse prevention training that prepares you for graduation from the program

Dual diagnosis treatment is another modality you might experience during your stay in our partial hospitalization program in Denver, CO. This term refers to a situation in which there is a mental condition that underpins and fuels your addiction. Anxiety, depression, and PTSD are the most common of these co-occurring conditions. There is a good chance that you never received a diagnosis for it. In fact, you might have looked to drugs or alcohol to self-medicate. And for a while, it may have worked. However, you then developed a chemical dependency, which led to additional problems and worsened your underlying condition. The staff at Golden Peak Recovery understand this dynamic and that it affects many clients. As a result, they know to look for it and can help you to manage it. And when you have learned how to do that, you can avoid or even eliminate triggers for substance abuse.

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The compassionate staff at Golden Peak’s partial hospitalization program understand that substance abuse is not your fault. They know that you didn’t plan on becoming addicted, and don’t want to be. Most importantly, they know how difficult it is to make that first call for help.

And that is why they do everything they can to help you heal. Learn more about enrolling in our partial hospitalization program. Call Golden Peak Recovery Center at 855.814.9173 today.