Depending upon the severity of your addiction, an intensive outpatient program, also known as an “IOP,” may be an appropriate addiction treatment program for you. A quality IOP like the one at Golden peak Recovery is designed to support and accommodate you as you continue your recovery. It does this by allowing you to maintain your freedom while you continue your addiction treatment.

An intensive outpatient program may be the best option for you if your treatment requires a high level of intensity, but must work around your schedule. In the IOP, you will participate in sober activities such as spending time with family and holding down a job. At the same time, you will build and hone your coping skills.

Eligibility Criteria for an Intensive Outpatient Program

Typically, an intensive outpatient program extends the structure of inpatient treatment. That said, it is a helpful and supportive program for anyone struggling with substance use and abuse.

To be eligible for Golden peak’s IOP in Denver, CO, you must complete a mandatory medical assessment. As part of the admissions process, our intake team may recommend this program. Generally, this happens after cleansing the body of chemical influences through sub-acute detox before therapy begins.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)Treatment Goals in an Intensive Outpatient Program

Although in our intensive outpatient program in Denver, CO, you will not reside in our facility, the program does require a significant commitment. Typically, treatment plans have at least three scheduled days each week.

Each IOP session generally lasts between two and four hours. This means that you can schedule sessions as you and your counselor see fit. Naturally, one of the primary focuses is preventing relapse. However, other goals can round out the type of care you will receive. These goals may include, for instance:

  • Addressing underlying issues that led to substance abuse
  • Encouraging discipline and structure
  • Helping build a strong support network
  • Implementing lifestyle and behavior changes
  • Improving coping and problem-solving skills

What to Expect in Our Intensive Outpatient Program

During treatment in our intensive outpatient program, you will receive different types of therapy. An individualized treatment plan targets the most important areas of your addiction. However, there are primary services specific to our IOP in Denver, CO. They include the following.

Clinical Assessment

The purpose of a clinical assessment is to determine whether an intensive outpatient program is right for you. As part of the evaluation, counselors will provide helpful information about your addiction treatment options. The goal is to match the treatment to your needs.


Typically, treatment at our intensive outpatient program in Denver, CO, includes a variety of therapies. These include:

  • Individual therapy. In individual therapy, the focus is addressing immediate problems connected to your substance abuse. This intimate setting allows you to open up in ways that you cannot during group therapy.
  • Group therapy. When group therapy is part of your treatment plan, you will get the chance to share personal experiences. Sharing and hearing about similar struggles will help you feel less isolated in your addiction.
  • Family therapy. Like individual and group therapy, family therapy can improve your success in recovery and reduce your chances of relapse. The goal of family therapy is to rebuild and strengthen family bonds. And in our intensive outpatient program in Denver, CO, your loved ones will receive the information they need to support your recovery, as well as counseling themselves if they need or desire it.


It is also possible that you will need pharmacotherapy and medication management as part of your treatment. For instance, you may need medications that target specific aspects of your addiction or an underlying mental condition like anxiety or depression. In this case, pharmacotherapy will be a part of your experience in our intensive outpatient program in Denver, CO.

Education Services

One of the key components of addiction recovery is understanding what has contributed to the addiction. Education sessions will let you examine your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions that led to your addiction problems in the first place.

This will involve, for instance, learning about the medical aspects of drug or alcohol addiction and its effects on the body. Additionally, you will learn about relapse prevention. Out IOP education sessions aim to teach you new coping mechanisms so you can achieve and maintain a sober life.

Support Services

For a person entering an IOP, social, legal, or employment issues are common. At Golden Recovery’s intensive outpatient program in Denver, CO, we will help you find solutions to these problems. Doing so adds to the likelihood that you will successfully avoid relapse.

Start Your Journey Today with Care and Support

Environments matter, especially when it comes to leading a healthy and sober life. Intensive outpatient treatment at Golden Peak Recovery Center offers a chance at recovery in a caring and supportive setting. Let us help you get better and stay that way.

You can start on the path to an addiction-free life today. And we can help you take the first steps down that path. Start your road to recovery by calling 855.814.9173 today.