Self Check-In: Am I Drinking Too Much?

While no one could have planned for the widespread impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have widely differing views of it and attitudes towards it. Some have been laid off, are having to homeschool their children, and are learning how to spend a lot of time at home — that seems much smaller than they remembered. Others are laying back, watching Tiger King while drinking during quarantine — enjoying an unexpected break from the busy routine of day to day life. Many are indulging in alcohol due to the “freedom” of quarantine.

But for some there’s a nagging voice in the back of their head – “am I drinking too much? It’s not really a problem now. I don’t have to be up for work, or I’ll sober up before that afternoon zoom meeting.” For others, the idea of returning to “normal” is anxiety-provoking, because we’ve become used to this lifestyle and staying at home and having drinks or eating in our pajamas whenever we feel like.

For many, there is a difference between changes we can make but don’t want to, and changes we seem incapable of making. For those who may be struggling with drinking too much or having trouble managing their drinking, the line between those two ideas may be less clear. It’s important to be honest with yourself about the frequency of your alcohol consumption.

The following questions are for your self-reflection. Answering yes to some of the questions below is a good indication you may be suffering from substance abuse. Others may be self-medicating to deal with negative mental health symptoms. If you answer yes to any of the questions below, please feel free to reach out and talk with us about our treatment options.

  1. Are you experiencing significant changes in your sleep?
  2. Are you eating more or less than usual?
  3. Have you been reaching out to friends less than normal?
  4. Are you minimizing your drinking or joking about it with others?
  5. Do you feel hungover or sick after drinking?
  6. Are you hungover more than usual?
  7. Do you often feel like drinking in the morning?
  8. Do you find yourself less motivated to get up to work or accomplish your responsibilities?
  9. Do you feel unlike yourself or are you disappointed in yourself?
  10. Are you experiencing increased anxiety or depression?
  11. Do you feel more irritable or negative than normal?

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