What is Ambulatory or Outpatient Detox?

Detox can be a scary experience when you’re trying to overcome a drug or alcohol addiction. However, it is the first step in committing to sobriety. You may feel hesitant to begin the addiction treatment process if you’ve heard stories of relapse from other people. Remember most of these stories occur when those suffering from substance abuse issues attempt to detox on their own. When detox is carried out in a medically supervised environment, you’re safe. During the withdrawal process, without proper care, some symptoms may prove fatal.

What is Ambulatory or Outpatient Detox?

You may think of detox as something generally done in a hospital or even in a jail cell; this is how detoxification is consistently portrayed in mainstream media. While this does occasionally happen due to specific circumstances, there is a way to safely detox while preparing for rehabilitation. This requires the professional care of an addiction treatment facility.

Thankfully, you have some options on how to approach the detox process.

An ambulatory or outpatient detox allows you to go back home or to work as addictive substances filter their way out of your body. Instead of being admitted to as recovery center on a 24 hour basis, you simply go to your scheduled appointments and return to your everyday life and responsibilities afterwards. For most people, outpatient detox requires daily appointments with a healthcare professional. Clinicians will give you the medical support you need, such as medications for safe recovery. You may have additional appointments with therapists and counselors while undergoing detox.

What is Ambulatory or Outpatient Detox vs. Medical Detox?

The main difference between outpatient detox vs. medical detox is differentiated by levels of care. Sub-acute medical detox is more closely monitored than its counterpart. Those in need of medical detox typically have co-occurring complications that may impede the detox process. Clients may not have the ability to function outside of a “hospital-like” setting. The detoxification process is largely the same, and includes group and one-on-one psychotherapy. Golden Peak Recovery includes therapy during detox to help clients prepare for the transition to rehabilitation.

Outpatient detox allows you to continue fulfilling your professional, educational, and family responsibilities. Some clients may not be able to commit to attending a detox center but still need help. Those opting for outpatient detox are thoroughly accessed by our clinical and medical teams. You’ll receive recommendations based upon your unique circumstances and ability to function outside of a medically monitored treatment setting. (Golden Peak Recovery does not offer outpatient detox at this time.)

A supportive community of family and friends is essential for outpatient detox to be effective. You may find being allowed to continue your work or school helps keep you mentally stable and focused on recovery. Separating yourself from previous environments and social circles of abuse is absolutely critical to successfully completing outpatient detox. If you suffer a relapse, a fully-fledged medical detox program may be necessary.

Relapse is often a part of recovery. If it happens, you must be honest with yourself and make the tough decisions that will propel your success in the long-run.

Where Can You Find Medical Detox Centers?

If you’re looking for a sub-acute detox center in the Denver, CO, area, we offer treatment across the state. We encourage anyone struggling with a substance use disorder or substance abuse to begin the recovery process as soon as possible. Delaying recovery may result in permanent physical and psychological damage when left untreated.

Anyone 18 years or older can check themselves in for treatment at anytime. However, minors require a parent or guardian’s permission.

Here at Golden Peak Recovery we offer a warm, homelike environment of healing. We’re proud to focus on our clients individually. We pride ourselves on having a high staff to client ratio. This ensures you receive specialized care as you continue through the addiction treatment process. Throughout recovery you’ll work with our multi-disciplinary team to create a holistic recovery plan. Our plans include each stage of rehabilitation (recommended individually), psychotherapy, group therapy, and aftercare planning.

Recovery is in Sight

Recovery is incredibly difficult. If you’re reading this, you are on the right path. Acknowledging you need help and setting out to receive treatment is the first, and often hardest, step. Don’t allow your addiction to steal more precious years of your life.

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