Free Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Colorado

You have known for some time that your substance abuse problem is out of control. But by even considering getting help, you have taken an essential first step. Your main worry, however, is paying for your rehabilitation. Is there free drug and alcohol rehab in Colorado? The answer is that yes, there is. But there are also other options worth exploring.

Where Can You Get the Free Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Colorado?

Alcoholics Anonymous is a time-honored organization that welcomes anyone. If you are serious about quitting, AA is there to help. However, it is important to understand that the services a free drug and alcohol rehab in Colorado can provide are very different from those offered at a comprehensive addiction treatment facility like Golden Peak Recovery. For starters, free drug and alcohol rehab in Colorado will focus primarily on peer counseling.

And to be clear, peer counseling is a critical component of aftercare. Peer accountability and positive peer pressure will certainly help you focus on sobriety. Almost all Golden Peak Recovery Center clients find it helpful to attend this sort of program to maintain their hard-won sobriety after program graduation. That said, they do not go there to begin. This is because AA is not designed to provide treatment. It is designed to help you maintain your sobriety once you have been through treatment. AA does not offer medical detox, for instance — which is one of the most important components of early sobriety. But it can point you in the direction of facilities like Golden Peak Recovery, which does provide detox and other programs.

How Private Rehab Differs from the Free Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Colorado

The most obvious and significant difference is that most private rehab facilities offer a residential care program. This means that you initially live at the facility in the presence of addiction specialists who are on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And at a quality addiction treatment center like Golden Peak Recovery that staff is highly trained and experienced. These are experts in the field of addiction treatment. They customize a therapy protocol based on your needs. Possible treatments include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy that helps you rid yourself of dysfunctional coping mechanisms
  • Dialectical behavior therapy for the control of intense emotions that threaten to derail logical thinking
  • Motivational interviewing, which empowers you to take a leadership role in your recovery effort
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy that focuses on your ability to use mindfulness approaches for dealing with life’s situations
  • Family counseling, which brings in loved ones for a chance to re-establish trust and communication

At a free drug and alcohol rehab in Colorado, you will not find therapists that customize a care protocol. Instead, you meet with peers in recovery. And again, this is useful. But it is most useful once you have begun the recovery process at a licensed addiction treatment facility like Golden Peak.

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AA is a fantastic program. However, programs like AA are not designed to deal with severe psychological and physical addiction. In these cases, you do need the intervention of trained therapists. Examples of some of the programs you will find include:

  • Experiential therapies that focus on gaining introspection, building self-esteem, and increasing self-reliance
  • Life skills training, which prepares you for independent living after program graduation
  • Social skills training that emphasizes setting healthy boundaries
  • Relapse prevention planning, which focuses on ways to protect early sobriety
  • Aftercare assistance that helps you by stepping down care

AA might work if you have a moderate addiction or have already been through a rehabilitation program. However, if you are struggling with a severe case of the disease, you need professional rehab. And that is where Golden Peak Recovery can help.

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