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Denver, CO Drug and Alcohol Rehab Near You

As with most of the country, Colorado has long faced problems with drug and alcohol addiction among its residents. However, Colorado also offers some of the most effective, comprehensive substance abuse treatment options in the United States. Statewide concerns and growing need for drug and alcohol rehab has lead to a unified push for the best care options for those in need. Thanks to the progressive ideals shared by most people in the state, you can find lasting recovery at a Denver, Colorado drug and alcohol rehab.

Denver, Colorado Drug and Alcohol Rehab Like No Other

Colorado’s storied history of drug and alcohol abuse encouraged local and state authorities and healthcare professionals to focus on addressing the state’s drug and alcohol problems to protect public health and safety. Community leaders also sought to provide better support for people struggling with substance abuse. Because of these efforts, people charged with drug-related crimes in the state are more likely to be referred to treatment than face incarceration or probation based on their substance abuse problems. This compassionate approach to substance abuse related offenses helps to reduce recidivism and drug and alcohol-related emergencies.

Lives have been changed through treatment at a quality Denver, Colorado drug and alcohol rehab facility. Beyond breaking the physical bonds of addiction, effective rehabilitation services help you to overcome the root causes of substance abuse and transform your life through sobriety.

At Golden Peak Recovery, support doesn’t end after inpatient treatment. Because we recognize the challenges of early recovery and the increased risk for relapse, we provide transitional support through a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) or Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). As part of your aftercare plan, our team will help to determine the level of continued care most beneficial for you in long-term recovery and facilitate those needs being met. Our outpatient Denver drug and alcohol rehab allows clients to continue their recovery journey within the same treatment family, allowing for you to maintain focus on your goals and aspirations.

The aftercare program benefits may rehab include:

Colorado Rehab Programs Designed to Meet Your Needs

Whether you live in Denver, Colorado or just nearby, needing individualized care for drug addiction or alcohol abuse is universal. Just as your experiences with addiction are unique, your path of recovery should be as well. This person-first approach to care is exactly what sets Golden Peak Recovery apart from everyone else.

At Golden Peak Recovery, your treatment will include:

Medically Assisted Detox

Before you can address the roots of substance abuse or learn more healthy coping mechanisms, you must first end your body’s physical dependency on drugs or alcohol. Golden Peak Recovery provides 24/7 medically assisted detox to help you safely and effectively overcome withdrawal symptoms and manage other health effects of substance abuse.

Residential Addiction Treatment

Residential rehab helps you focus on your recovery by taking you out of the environment of active substance abuse. By removing those external distractions and temptations, inpatient care prioritizes self-discovery and growth through empowering treatment methods.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Golden Peak Recovery’s partial hospitalization program helps ease the transition from residential rehab back into everyday life. In the PHP, you will maintain a schedule of individual and group dynamic therapy sessions five days per week, while also practicing the skills you have learned for coping and building your new life.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

The next step in your treatment will be Golden Peak Recovery’s intensive outpatient treatment. The IOP involves continuing direct treatment three days per week. Through flexible day and evening IOP scheduling, you can make prioritizing your sobriety fit any schedule. During this level of care clients are encouraged to pursue higher education, find employment, or otherwise take steps toward a brighter future.

Aftercare Planning

Aftercare services at Golden Peak Recovery help you start your new life without many of the most common problems people face after rehab. You will receive support and help with finding housing, community resources, and support groups. Additionally, as part of our alumni family, you can stay connected with your peers and our counseling team as you create the future of your dreams.

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At Golden Peak Recovery, we offer a full continuum of services for building your new and improved life. Contact Golden Peak Recovery online today or call us at [Direct] to learn more about our programs and services. You have it in you to break free from substance abuse and build the life you want in recovery. It is time to take that first step.