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Drug and Alcohol Rehab near Aspen, CO

Addiction is a disease no one should have to face alone. If you or a loved one are struggling with substance abuse issues, Aspen, Colorado drug and alcohol rehab can help you get your life back on track again. But how do you know when addiction treatment is necessary? And why should you choose a Colorado addiction treatment facility like Golden Peak Recovery?

Do I Need Aspen, CO Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

Just as addiction affects everyone differently, the journey of recovery is unique as well. What may be ‘rock bottom’ for some will not be for others– and that’s okay. While the reason behind the decision to get sober may not be important, being able to recognize when drug or alcohol use has become problematic is. Some potential signs include:

In its most basic terms, addiction is a disruption of your ability to function in everyday life without using. It doesn’t mean you have to drink or get high everyday or wait until addiction takes everything from you before seeking help. If that sounds like you or someone you love, an Aspen, Colorado drug and alcohol rehab can help. We can provide the support and expert guidance necessary for lasting recovery. Golden Peak Recovery, a full continuum addiction treatment facility serving Aspen, Colorado and surrounding areas, is here to welcome you into our treatment family and usher you into a brighter, sober future.

Benefits of Professional Treatment

With the shame and stigma that often surrounds addiction and substance abuse, reaching out for help can be difficult. As a disease that affects the mind, addiction convinces us that we have everything under control, or that life without these substances is far worse. While taking that first step into recovery may feel terrifying and uncertainty can make us hesitant, the benefits of professional help is seeking sobriety are more than worth it. The guidance of a compassionate, knowledgeable clinician or behavioral health specialist helps to facilitate the lasting internal transformation necessary for lasting sobriety.

If you are looking for Aspen, Colorado drug and alcohol rehab, Golden Peak Recovery is here to help. Through a variety of individualized programs, we will help you address addiction at its root. Our person-first approach to care means we take the time to understand you and your story so we can address all your needs, not just active substance use.

What Happens During Treatment?

The first step for anyone seeking Aspen, Colorado drug and alcohol rehab is medical detoxification. During a drug detox, illicit substances gradually leave the body and clients learn to manage cravings to overcome the physical aspects of addiction. While some attempt to ‘quit cold turkey’ and tough it out while experiencing withdrawal symptoms, this is ill-advised. Not only can withdrawal symptoms become intense enough to trigger relapse, they can be life-threatening. Medically assisted detox allows for a safer, more comfortable transition into sobriety under the 24 hour supervision and support of a trained clinical team.

Following detox, you will receive a custom treatment plan that may include:

At Golden Peak Recovery we take the time to get to know you and your needs so we can best develop a treatment regimen for you. Some clients, such as those with a co-occurring disorder like anxiety or depression, may require more direct care while others may benefit from more freedom and flexibility. These personalized treatment programs mean you get exactly the level of care you need to achieve your recovery goals.

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