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Rehab payment options and plans

At Golden Peak Recovery, we know that everyone’s situation is different, and we’re prepared to help you consider all your options when insurance coverage is not available. We don’t want finances to be a hurdle that keeps you from getting treatment. Call us today at 844-528-4590 to learn more.

Credit cards: All major credit cards are accepted for payment at Golden Peak Recovery, as well as special medical credit cards. Depending on the card issuer, you may find a conventional card that offers a no-interest promotion. Medical cards usually have slightly high interest rates, but many allow you to defer the interest payment. Check out all your options to determine which card offers you the best deal.

Loans: There are a variety of loan options that you may want to consider to help pay for your treatment at Golden Peak Recovery. A home equity loan is a great low-risk choice that offers low interest rates. Personal loans may also have interest rates that are lower than a credit card rate.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP): Your treatment at Golden Peak Recovery may be at least partially covered if your employer is part of this program. EAPs were created to provide help for employees with personal problems that cause issues in the workplace. Also, EAP assistance may put you in a position to dedicate your time to rehab without worrying about job security – under the Family Medical and Leave Care Act, you may receive a 12-week leave of absence. Scholarships and grants: You may be eligible for financial assistance from organizations such as the Sobriety Optimization League Scholarship Foundation and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Grants. Those are just two of the groups that can help pay for your rehab costs at Golden Peak Recovery. Find more organizations by using search tools like Charity Watch and GuideStar.

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