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Drug Addiction Treatment and Rehab Programs in Colorado

At Golden Peak Recovery, we understand that taking the first step toward getting treatment for drug addiction is hard. You may not want to admit to yourself or others that you even have a problem. You may worry about what people will think if you enter rehab, or whether you’ll be able to keep your job.

You should know that those feelings are normal, and they are not insurmountable. We can help you address all those issues and others when you come to us for addiction treatment. We offer the encouragement, support and drug addiction treatment you need to end your substance abuse before it does any more damage in your life.

Drug addiction treatment at Golden Peak Recovery focuses on three primary objectives: sobriety, abstinence and productivity. Reaching those goals has been identified by the National Institute on Drug Abuse as the key to attaining a happy, drug-free life.

Signs you need drug addiction treatment

1. You experience physical or mental health problems.

Drug use can affect your physical health, with symptoms ranging from mild to severe, depending on the drug and how long you’ve been using. Many drugs can also cause mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and other issues. If you notice changes in your physical or mental health, you should consider seeking treatment from a rehab center.

2. It takes more drugs to get high.

If you find yourself taking larger amounts of drugs to get high, or using drugs more frequently, it’s because your body has developed a tolerance and needs more of the substance to get the same effects that you felt in the beginning. When this happens, you put yourself at risk of an overdose, which can be very dangerous.

3.  You constantly focus on drugs.

The stronger your addiction becomes, the more you focus on the drug while other things in your life, such as relationships and activities, become less important. If you spend your day thinking about the next time you will use drugs, and much of your energy is focused on how you’re going to get more drugs, that’s a sign that you have an addiction and need treatment. 

4. A mental disorder contributes to your drug use.

Nearly 8 million people have both a mental illness and a substance abuse disorder, studies show. If you find yourself using drugs as a coping mechanism for dealing with uncomfortable feelings and emotions, you should seek treatment for what we call “co-occurring disorders.” Attempting to self-medicate is one of the main factors that leads to drug addiction.

5. You’ve tried to quit before and unsuccessful.

Lots of people try to quit taking drugs on your own, with a self-help group or even an out-patient treatment program. If you have tried to quit and failed, you may need the more rigorous treatment and care that comes with a residential rehab program.

Is drug rehab right for you?

If you have a problem with drug abuse, our residential treatment program can help. During drug rehab, you live at our facility full-time and receive 24-hour care and supervision from our staff of dedicated professionals. Advantages of drug addiction treatment in a residential program include:

The right program for your drug addiction

In addition to our residential treatment program, we offer intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization programs for drug rehab that may be right for you. In these programs, you receive regular treatment at our recovery center while returning home in the evenings.

All of our drug rehab programs are designed to help you overcome physical and psychological dependencies from addictive substances, including:

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