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Trauma, PTSD & Substance Abuse Counseling in Colorado

Golden Peak Recovery can help you process the trauma and/or PTSD that may be fueling your substance use disorder. 

Unresolved trauma can lead to both physical and behavioral symptoms. If you are experiencing PTSD, you also may have fatigue, depression, panic attacks, anxiety and a sense of guilt. You may also experience detachment, dissociation, low self-esteem and flashbacks to the traumatic event or situation. Untreated PTSD can also involve sleep disturbances, nightmares, self-harm, physical pain and/or chronic illness, substance use or abuse, and suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

Trauma and substance abuse

There is a very strong relationship between the experience of trauma and the development of addiction to alcohol and drugs. Trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) bring about highly unpleasant symptoms that many people wish to minimize. For instance, someone with anxiety from PTSD may seek out alcohol, marijuana or prescription depressants as a way to calm themselves. Or someone who experiences depression from trauma may look to meth or cocaine in order to feel confidence and energy. 

It’s perfectly logical that these individuals would rely on substances to deal with the debilitating symptoms of PTSD and trauma. Unfortunately, while those substances may seem to help in the short term, they can make the symptoms trauma and PTSD far worse — and can lead to addiction on top of the original problem. Also, substance abuse can impair judgment, which can cause risky behavior and further trauma. 

Treatment of PTSD and substance abuse

The most important things is to ensure that you’re safe and stable. That’s why we usually start a rehab program with medically supervised detox, so you can start with a clean slate, free of toxic substances or chemicals. Detox is nothing to fear. Our medical team is there to help you manage withdrawal symptoms safely and comfortably.

Golden Peak Recovery offers a variety of treatment options for PTSD and substance abuse, including cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy in both group and individual settings. These evidence-based therapies offer excellent ways to help you manage your traumatic experiences, so they no longer exert so much control over your present-day behavior and emotions. can help you achieve healing and balance — so your trauma no longer controls your emotions and behavior.  

Healing from trauma and substance abuse at Golden Peak

To find out more about the ways Golden Peak treats PTSD and substance abuse, just give us a call. You don’t have to be defined by your trauma anymore. Let’s help you find a better, more fulfilling life.