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Anger management & substance abuse counseling in Colorado

Uncontrolled anger is a common co-occurring disorder among people who are battling an addiction, though it’s not always for the same reason. Many people with anger management issues turn to drugs or alcohol in an attempt to soothe their intense emotions. Others start with a substance abuse problem and develop anger issues because of their addiction.

At Golden Peak Recovery, we understand the connection between anger and addiction, and we know the importance of treating your anger management issues as part of your recovery plan. Your anger issues won’t go away on their own after you stop using drugs and alcohol – and they may even contribute to your relapse if they are left untreated.

Not all anger is unacceptable, of course. It’s a natural human emotion. But anger can become unhealthy when you become unable to control it. Signs that you have anger issues include:

How we treat for anger issues at Golden Peak Recovery

As part of your personalized addiction treatment plan at Golden Peak Recovery, we help you learn to recognize the source of your anger issues and develop more productive ways of responding to the events or circumstances that provoke your anger. We teach you relaxation techniques and coping skills that enable you to deal with those triggers without resorting to anger. Once you have these skills, you become less likely to resort to substance abuse as the only way of coping with your anger.

There are many other benefits of anger management treatment as well. Our group and individual therapy sessions will help you learn impulse control, improve your communication and problem-solving skills and become more self-aware. All of these skills help prepare you for a healthier, more balanced life as you recover from your addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Going through rehab is hard work, and so is maintaining your sobriety after you complete the program and leave our Colorado substance abuse treatment centers. Don’t let anger derail your efforts. At Golden Peak Recovery, our counselors and therapists provide the medical and therapeutic support to help you keep your anger in check throughout your recovery journey and beyond.