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Addiction treatment programs near Denver, CO

The choice to seek help from an addiction treatment program is every bit as personal and unique as the individual looking for answers. Fortunately, hope for recovery is on the horizon.

At Golden Peak Recovery, we understand how difficult it can be to reach out for help when you’re struggling with addiction. We’re here, and we can help you. We offer a range of substance abuse treatment options to help you overcome drug and alcohol dependency.

How do I know I have a substance abuse problem?

It’s not always easy to tell if someone you care about has developed a problem with substance abuse — much less yourself. But learning to identify the signs of addiction can be an important first step in recognizing you or a loved one needs help.

Alcohol consumption is so prevalent in our society, it can be difficult to isolate casual drinking from problem drinking, or even alcohol addiction. Likewise, many people use drugs recreationally, while others develop addictions more quickly. 

Here are just a few signs that your drinking or drug use has become a substance abuse problem:

If you recognize these signs, you’re not alone. Millions of people struggle with the negative effects of substance abuse before they realize they’re in active addiction. The good news? There’s help. And we can get you started right now.

How can Mediicaly Assisted detox help with addiction treatment?

In addition to various addiction treatment therapies, there are medical options to help you with treatment as well. Medically assisted detox uses methods like medication management to help you with withdrawal symptoms. If you are focused on the physical symptoms and struggles of withdrawal, it is near impossible to focus your mind on recovery. Detoxing helps you get through the difficult stages of withdrawal so you can keep your mind where it needs to be — dedicated to getting your life back on track. Our detox program offers 24/7 medical and psychiatric support.

How Is Golden Peak Recovery different?

Great question! There are many different approaches to addiction treatment. Some focus on 12-step treatment. Others may be faith-based. At Golden Peak Recovery, we rely on an evidence-based approach to treating substance abuse and any co-occurring mental health disorders. Evidence-based addiction treatment programs have helped others in your position heal. They can be successful in your treatment, too.

Examples of our addiction treatment approach include:

Most of these therapeutic approaches take place in one-on-one or group settings. In fact, addiction treatment works best when it uses a combination of individual talk therapy and group sessions.

On the one hand, private counseling is essential because it allows for goal-setting. Most importantly, it enables therapists to customize their approaches to your needs. This means that you are sure to receive the care you need. On the other side of the equation are group therapy sessions. They open the door to peer counseling and encouragement. You learn from others who are also in recovery, and this allows you to build a strong support network. In this sense, group therapy has a secure place among effective addiction treatment programs and aftercare programs.

Mental health and substance abuse treatment

Another essential component of a quality addiction treatment program is treatment of mental health conditions that present together with substance abuse. It is common for depression, anxiety or PTSD, for example, to accompany addiction. Many people rely on drugs and alcohol to self-medicate, often without knowing they even have a mental health disorder.

Once you know, however, dealing with it along with addiction makes sense. Poor mental health and addiction can form a vicious cycle of abuse. But co-occurring mental health treatment allows you to remove the substance abuse triggers that stem from your underlying condition. And at the same time, you are also able to handle the depression or anxiety that follows drug use. Occasionally, it is impossible to determine which condition came first. But by treating both, you can better ensure your recovery and avoid relapse.

Drug rehab

At Golden Peak Recovery, our drug rehabilitation programs help you break patterns of substance abuse by utilizing both the power of modern medicine and holistic practices.

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Alcohol rehab

With compassionate recovery experts and a home-like atmosphere, Golden Peak Recovery offers alcohol rehab programs that deliver confidence and serenity.

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Co-Occurring mental health conditions

Because many people self-medicate as a way of addressing undiagnosed conditions, substance abuse is often tied to underlying mental health disorders.

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There’s a way out

At Golden Peak Recovery, we understand how hard it can be to admit you need substance abuse treatment. Maybe you hoped you’d find the strength to regain control of your habit. Or perhaps you are in a codependent relationship, and your partner is not supporting your recovery. Whatever your situation may be, the time to seek help is now. Here’s why: Addiction never gets better on its own. In fact, it only gets worse. As it does, your mind and body deteriorate. 

But you don’t have to keep suffering. Let’s get you the help you need now — so you can end the cycle of substance abuse, and begin the important work of healing.

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