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Recovery Stories From Golden Peak Recovery

Addiction recovery is possible! At Golden Peak Recovery, our success is your success. Hear the personal stories of our alumni family who have overcome obstacles to achieve success with their recovery efforts, offering inspiration and hope to others seeking help.

Brett’s Recovery Story

“I think I am a very strong person, but I knew personally I couldn’t stay clean and stay at home.” Brett’s small hometown just west of St. Louis is a quiet place without much in the realm of opportunity or entertainment. Born into a family with three older brothers who actively abused substances, it didn’t […]

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Greg’s Recovery Story

“I never acknowledged the fact that I was an actual addict.” For forty years, Greg struggled with drug and alcohol addiction. He began drinking at just 13 years old, with more harmful substances coming into the picture not long afterward. Substance use became a part of who he was, making it easy to disconnect and […]

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Jennifer’s Recovery Story

“I was in a black hole. It’s hard to describe for people who haven’t been there, but it was just blackness. My drug of choice was meth and I was actively addicted for 9 years. It was every day, day in and day out.” Jennifer’s struggle with addiction began as self-medication. She began using it […]

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