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Meet the Team at Golden Peak Recovery

At Golden Peak Recovery, our treatment team specializes in providing the support and guidance you need to begin your recovery journey.

The importance of addiction treatment staff

When you enter an addiction treatment program like Golden Peak Recovery, you may not initially realize the crucial role that addiction treatment staff members play in your recovery. But at the end of treatment, you will forever hold these people in your heart for all that they help you achieve.

Your addiction treatment staff understands how it feels to experience substance use disorders — including the challenges and the cravings. They also know what tools and methods to use to help you prevent relapse early in your recovery, and for the rest of your life. In fact, many addiction treatment staff members have experienced addiction in their own lives. So they can approach your treatment with compassion and wisdom.

Meet the Golden Peak Recovery team

Christopher Kelln
Executive Director
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Lisa Newman, BSN
Nursing Supervisor
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Chris Macey, CACI
Recovery Coach Supervisor
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Krista Johnson
Case Manager, Yoga Instructor
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