Golden Peak Recovery COVID-19 Updates

Golden Peak Recovery’s Coronavirus (Covid-19) Updates

Golden Peak Recovery is re-opening! We are dedicated to providing the pinnacle of addiction treatment and adhere strictly to all CDC’s recommended guidelines for COVID-19. Your safety is our top priority. Our staff is trained to follow COVID-19 sanitization protocol and guidelines as outlined by the CDC. We are actively adding new safety measures and protocols as we monitor the pandemic’s progression. We are committed to providing safe treatment and are vigorous in our sanitization and hygiene measures to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Our Immediate Operation Changes

We’ve added sanitary supplies across our facility including antibacterial soap, hand sanitizers, antimicrobial wipes, bleach, and disinfectant. All high traffic areas including frequently touched surfaces, workstations, counter tops, and doorknobs are continually disinfected. Upon entering Golden Peak Recovery, our nursing staff screens all clients and guests for COVID-19. We have added appropriate signage reminding both clients and staff to adhere to safety protocols for proper hand washing and encourage the use of face masks. Our staff is required to pass a hygiene competency quiz, ensuring standards are continuously maintained throughout our facility.

We are working tirelessly with local health officials to implement essential sanitization. We are keeping abreast of changing COVID-19 guidelines and integrating them immediately. We ask employees with flu-like symptoms to stay home until symptoms are relieved. In order to return to work, employees must be fever-free. Employees are not eligible to return to work if their symptoms require over-the counter medicine to control — including fever. Employees traveling out of the country are required to report to Human Resources in advance.

We are dedicated to keeping our clients and employees safe and healthy throughout the entire recovery process. Should new protocols arise, both clients and staff members will be notified immediately.

Check back for new updates on our COVID-19 safety measures.