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About Golden Peak Recovery

Our approach to treatment

At Golden Peak Recovery, there’s nothing off-the-shelf about the way we treat you … or your addiction. Instead, our compassionate staff develops a plan that’s customized just for you — and relies on evidence-based treatment and therapy to make it a reality. After all, overcoming addiction is an intense journey of transformation. And it’s time to get started.

Our commitment to you

At the core of our approach to your sobriety is compassion. We fully understand that addiction affects different people in different ways. And since each person struggling with addiction is different, each approach to treatment should also be different. 

That’s why, at Golden Peak Recovery, we base your recovery plan on factors like your addiction history, the substance(s) to which you are addicted, the severity of your addiction, other medical issues and more. Our expert treatment team helps you on your journey to recovery by:

Our treatment programs

Golden Peak Recovery provides customizable addiction treatment programs through multiple levels of care. Each level is designed to address a different intensity of addiction, but they work in sequence. 

  1. For many, detox is the first phase of treatment. It helps to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and is overseen by medical professionals. 
  1. From there, you may move on to a residential rehab treatment program, which helps to facilitate your recovery by offering a comfortable, family-like atmosphere free of distractions and triggers. 
  1. At the partial hospitalization program (PHP) treatment stage, clients begin the process of transitioning to fully independent sober living. You’ll participate in focused group and individual therapies while also working with case managers. 
  1. The next step is the intensive outpatient program (IOP), which offers both day and evening options to help you continue your recovery while living at home.

But, even when you’ve completed the various levels of treatment, you don’t stop needing care. This is why, in addition to these treatment programs, Golden Peak Recovery also offers aftercare planning. Aftercare helps you maintain sobriety and continuity of care as you successfully transition into regular life.

Our location

Golden Peak Recovery is near Denver, Colorado and offers a home-like setting, upscale amenities, a high staff-to-client ratio, and a full continuum of care.

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