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Golden Peak Recovery: Creating Connections For Recovery

Golden Peak Recovery understands that no one is above the influences of addiction and that the recovery experience is different for everyone. Our goal is to ensure each client’s first steps into a brighter, substance-free future are confident and self-assured. Our treatment programs are evidence-based and trauma-informed to ensure each client is fully prepared to transition to the next level of care.

Our dedication to recovery goes beyond completion of detox. Golden Peak Recovery is committed to each client’s long-term success, providing client-centered care throughout each stage of outpatient treatment. We know that overcoming substance abuse is a journey of total life transformation and we provide the support and guidance necessary to achieve lifelong sobriety.

Hope Canyon’s Promise to You

Golden Peak Recovery’s Dedication to Sobriety

At Golden Peak Recovery, compassion is at the core of everything we do. Because we understand that addiction impacts everyone differently and that treatment is not one size fits all, we strive to heal and empower each client through individualized care regimens. By taking the time to learn our clients’ history and other factors that contribute to substance abuse, our personalized approach to care is designed to meet the needs of each client. Golden Peak Recovery endeavors to be a beacon of hope and healing for those in need. Our commitment is founded in our sincere belief that recovery is a community effort- no one should have to walk this path alone.

To prove our dedication to your success, Golden Peak Recovery provides a variety of resources to our alumni, including:

  • Assistance with aftercare treatment planning
  • Help with housing arrangements
  • Life skills training
  • Resources for external support groups and counseling

Golden Peak Recovery is waiting to help you begin your recovery journey today. Call us now! (855) 683-5489

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